27 May 2016

Product Familiarization – Hoist and Types of Crawler Cranes

Not all people are familiar with hoists and Crawler Cranes, but they are, practically, lifting equipments. Construction industries use different kinds of hoists and cranes everyday to alleviate the burden in lifting heavy materials. By using these
19 May 2016

Lift Crane Hire – Why would it be a Practical Option?

Cranes Suppliers in Saudi Arbia have a vital role on the construction business. These tools function by raising and lowering construction products and transferring these horizontally. Most established construction businesses have got their own lift cranes. For
2 May 2016

Bolt Torquing And Tensioning

AAAC provides a total solution for all of your bolting requirements, including torquing, tensioning, stress analysis, flange management, and more. Technical bolting is a safe, fast, accurate, and reliable way to ensure joint integrity. Team provides controlled
2 May 2016

Shut Down and Trun Around Service’s In KSA

AAAC provides high Quality service of Shut Down and Trun Around Service’s in KSA  , we continues to set new standards in the refining and process sectors, offering a complete turnaround service. Not just the supply of
9 Apr 2016

What is Oil Tanker

1.    Oil Tankers: Oil tankers, as their name suggests carry oil and it’s by products. Oil tanker however, is a generic terminology and includes not only crude oil but also petrol, gasoline, kerosene and paraffin. Oil tankers
9 Apr 2016

What is Flatbed truck

A flatbed truck (or flatbed lorry in British English) is a type of truck which can be either articulated or rigid. As the name suggests, it has an entirely flat, level ‘bed’ body with no sides or
5 Feb 2016

Crane Rental Service

20 Jan 2016

What is Wheel loader | Types of Wheel loader

Wheel loaders are flexible mobile shovels that switch cloth from stockpiles to vehicles, or transport cloth round task websites. Bucket sizes variety from perhaps 1 cubic backyard for small application machines, to twenty cubic yards or
20 Jan 2016

What is Excavator | Types of Excavator

An excavator is extremely beneficial for the construction enterprise, and can perform gigantic obligations that may not be viable by the human attempt. As a consequence, the excavator has extended the rate of labor to a remarkable
20 Jan 2016

What is Dozers | Type’s of Dozers

The dozer can also be typically called a bulldozer. It’s far fabricated from a heavy, huge blade this is hooked up on the front of the tractor. The plate is then used to push any densely compacted